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Investments in innovative medical technologies continue in Piedmont.The new equipment guarantees a complete MRI examination in a relaxing and reassuring environment, offering a more comfortable experience for the patient.

Turin, May 25 2021 – Affidea Italy’s investments in Piedmont do not stop. After the inauguration at IRMET – center of Nuclear medicine in Turin – of a latest generation digital PET CT and a SPECT CT – Affidea installed the only «open air» magnetic resonance, at Nuova Lamp in Settimo Torinese.

This MRI, thanks to its innovative design, is the only truly open resonance available on the market. During the examination the patient maintains a wide view to the outside, not obtainable with systems considered to be open until now, thus allowing an extremely reassuring approach to the examination and excluding any claustrophobic reaction. It is able, in fact, to eliminate any barrier between the patient and the surrounding environment, unlike the closed MRI equipment.

The “open air” MRI allows the patient to enter the scanner, sit down, lie down horizontally or even stand, without any barrier getting in the way of the surrounding environment; patients can always see around them, or enjoy TV while comfortably positioned in the scanner undergoing an MRI procedure. All this cannot happen in conventional closed MRIs or even in «traditionally open» (C-shaped) systems. Claustrophobic reactions become a rare case and the patient’s anxiety seems to be a thing of the past.

«Despite the ‘preparation of the patient’ aimed at reducing anxiety, an MRI procedure can sometimes cause discomfort or, worse, trigger adverse claustrophobic reactions» – says Elisabetta Salza, Regional Manager Affidea Piemonte – «It is estimated that 15% of patients are unable to complete MRI procedures, precisely for these reasons. This choice is also part of Affidea Italy’s development path, which focuses on clinical excellence and particular patient care, ensuring ease, precision and speed in diagnoses

This equipment is an innovative Magnetic Resonance System engineered and developed by ASG Superconductors, a world leader in the field of magnets which, in addition to collaborating with the main research projects in the world in the energy sector, has developed this scanner which is characterized by being the unique in the world, truly open and based on a “cryogen free” MgB2 superconducting technology, which therefore does not use a precious and difficult to find resource such as Helium.

«We are very proud that a prestigious group like Affidea has decided to continue to partner with us for the latest evolution of this system. Is it important for us to be one of the technological partners chosen to make MRI truly accessible to all patients by offering a level of comfort and tranquillity that is unique in the sector while ensuring accurate diagnostics integrated with clinical information not obtainable on traditional systems «, declares Marco Belardinelli, MRI Business Unit Director of ASG Superconductors.

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