MROpen EVO provides exceptional patient comfort, delivering comprehensive MRI examination in a relaxing and reassuring environment. You can walk into the scanner and you can sit, lie slightly backward, lie horizontally or even stand. With no barrier between the patient and the surrounding environment, patients can see around them at all times or enjoy watching TV while comfortably positioned in the scanner undergoing an MRI procedure. All this simply can’t happen in conventional closed MRIs or even in “traditionally open” (C-shaped) systems. Claustrophobic reactions are rare and patient anxiety appears to be a memory of the past.



MROpen EVO’s main magnetic field is oriented in the transverse direction, amplifying the advantage of phased array coils, bringing image quality to higher levels.
Thanks to the transverse magnetic field, MROpen EVO provides anatomy-specific dedicated coils with MAX technology – combining both flat and solenoid type coils – providing superior performance in every anatomical area.


MROpen EVO uses our own software platform, MR-GUI Pro. This means we have total control of the software capabilities and can undertake continuous development of new features to answer to our customers’ needs.
Thanks to the complete integration of the new IBOX spectrometer with the acquisition software and the post processing management of the acquired images, MR-GUI Pro represents a modern answer to the different levels of users’ needs.
The operator interface developed according to the guidelines of the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), has been designed to maximize workflow, usability and product reliability.
The acquisition sequences and the reconstruction algorithm have been optimized to provide high image quality and spatial resolution.

ASG Superconductors cooperates with top level research centres and assists them in their research programs, sharing the modern and complete programming platform MR-GUI.



The Neuro Imaging offers routine imaging sequences in addition to Diffusion Weighted Imaging (DWI) and 3D MR Angiography, providing a complete answer to the clinical investigation of the brain. The MROpen EVO also includes in-console post processing for MRA examination, allowing the technologist to produce Maximum Intensity Projection (MIP) cutouts of the vessels and reconstruct them in the traditional tumble and turn directions for evaluation.

Head & Neck RF Coil
The optimized Head&Neck multi-channels receiving coil allows for coverage of the entire head and neck in one Field of View as well as specific signal coverage for both MR Angiography of the brain, routine brain examinations, and MR Angiography of the neck in separate Fields of View as desired.

Whole Spine RF Coil
The 8 channels RF coil ensures a perfect signal coverage for whole spine examinations. The operator can perform the entire spine examinations without changing the coil from one anatomical area to the next, reducing the positioning time between between the Cervical, Thoracic and Lumbar spine areas allowing the Whole Spine RF coil to increase the workflow for spine examinations up to 30%.


With MROpen Evo you can achieve all the standard MRI procedures for MSK and Neuro imaging. Thanks to a complete set of anatomy-dedicated receiving coils and customized examination protocols setup, your normal daily routine is completely covered, with optimized workflow, high level image quality and unique patient comfort.

To cover specific needs, differentiate your offer and increase the total number of patients MROpen Evo is a perfect choice for your centre as a stand alone scanner or associated with a traditional MRI.


MROpen EVO’s green technology is an absolute breakthrough in the MRI industry, providing cryogen-free operation thanks to its innovative superconducting material (Magnesium Diboride – MgB2). ASG Superconductors with its Columbus MgB2 Business Unit, a leader in the development and production of superconducting wires, has full control of the process from raw material to completed wires and cables.


MROpen EVO makes the best use of the most recent MgB2 high-temperature superconductor and helium-free cooling solutions in an open-sky magnet, enabling an innovative approach to imaging and therapy.


MgB2 superconductor and helium-free cooling combined in a very stable magnet solution allow full control to the user, including switching on-off, and simplified start-up and maintenance.


Much reduced use of helium and of rare-earth elements compared to other magnet solutions and full reliance on electricity to operate all help to protect our environment.


Eliminating the need for gas refills or helium venting lines makes magnet installation and running much simpler than with conventional solutions.


We allow you to do what you would expect from a conventional MRI system and in the meantime we allow you to think differently and provide innovative clinical solutions that others cannot, always for better patient outcomes and cost savings throughout cycle of care.