ASG Paramed MRI Unit supplies the MROpen scanner to Universities worldwide involved in different research projects. The Alberta Cross Cancer Institute of Edmonton University for MR guided radiotherapy and the Sir Peter Mansfield Imaging Centre of Nottingham University for the study of the lung using hyperpolarized gases are just two examples of how the MROpen’s capabilities offer new possibilities in MR studies.


With its greatest versatility, MROpen Evo enables special MRI studies and clinical research programs: the completely open wide gantry and the possibility to scan the patient in unusual and weight bearing position and see the response of the human body to intense biomechanical stress, are two of the aspects which have convinced some Centres of Excellence and Universities worldwide to adopt the MROpen scanner.

MROpen is adopted by :


Aurora RT™ combines high quality MR images with a 6 MV linear accelerator. The machine is designed to provide excellent images prior to treatment for accurate patient alignment, as well as real time MR imaging during beam delivery to allow advance gating of tumor tracking features. This makes the Aurora RT™ perfectly suited for adaptive radiotherapy. Aurora RT’s ability to treat a wide array of cancer is unparalleled. Tumours found in difficult to treat regions such as the abdomen can now be treated safely and accurately with the Aurora RT™. The significantly improved precision will also allow improvements in many of the areas that are conventionally treated with radiation to reduce the side effects and improve efficiency and efficacy. The design of the Aurora RT™ eliminates the ”Electron Return Effect”, which eliminates the unwanted changes to the radiation beam caused by the magnetic field in alternate designs. The Aurora RT™ can also move patients’ side to side (laterally) allowing the treatment of peripheral tumors resulting in less damage to healthy tissue and a more accurate treatment. The ability to laterally adjust a patient is crucial for ensuring the Aurora-RT can be used for all types of tumor treatment in an efficient manner, which will allow the Aurora RT to not just serve as a small niche of the radiotherapy market. Significant improved precision will allow additional clinical indications that are conventionally treated with radiation while reducing the side effects.


MROpen EVO uses our own software platform, MR-GUI Pro. This means we have total control of the software capabilities and can undertake continuous development of new features to answer to our customers’ needs.
Thanks to the complete integration of the new IBOX spectrometer with the acquisition software and the post processing management of the acquired images, MR-GUI Pro represents a modern answer to the different levels of users’ needs.
The operator interface developed according to the guidelines of the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), has been designed to maximize workflow, usability and product reliability.
The acquisition sequences and the reconstruction algorithm have been optimized to provide high image quality and spatial resolution.

ASG Superconductors cooperates with top level research centres and assists them in their research programs, sharing the modern and complete programming platform MR-GUI.